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Our Services

Services help to extend the life of your bike, by spotting small problems before they become big ones you can avoid big bills and have a bike that’s nicer to ride. 


Basic Service


Full Serivce


Full Hyrdaulic Service



gear SEt Up

Adjust & index 

£10 for one or £15 for both

Fit new Inner Cable

Fit new inner cable and Index

£15 for on or £25 for Both 

Fit new Mech & Cable

Fit new Derailleur, Inner Cable & Index £15. (Derailleur charged separately)

Full Gear Service

Replace Inner & Outer Cables & Index



Brake Set Up


£10 for one or £15 for both

Fit new Inner cable

Fit new inner cable and adjust

£15 for one or £25 for Both 

Replace pads & Adjust

£10 per brake + Pads

Hydraulic Brake Bleed

£25 for one or £40 for Both 


Bottom Bracket Fitting


£20 + Parts

Fit Cassette/Freewheel


£10 + Parts

Fit New Chain


£5 + Parts (additional charge to index)

Fit Crankset


£10 (additional charge to index)


True Wheel


£10 per wheel

Fit new Tube


£10 includes tube

Fit New Tyres


£10 per tyre + cost of tyre

Wheel Hub Adjustment


Adjust Bearings To Remove Play

£10 per wheel

HUb Service


Strip down hub, re-grease and replace bearings


Spoke Replacement

Replace broke/missing spoke and true wheel 

Front Wheel – £15 + £1 per extra spoke 

Rear Wheel – £20 + £1 per extra  spoke

Fast turnaround

Wherever possible we'll try and get your bike fixed the same day , with priority given to key workers who use their bikes to commute.

free Assesment & safety Check

Before starting any work we will give your bike a comprehensive safety check to identify any other issues and give you a quote before we start.

No Suprise Costs

Our mechanics understand that people are on budgets and will never fit parts or do work that hasn't been agreed beforehand.


If we can't get your bike fixed the same day you need it to get to work on we might be able to offer you a courtesy bike in the meantime. Just ask when you drop your bike in.

Frequently asked questions

No no appointment needed, just drop your bike in within our normal opening hours and we’ll talk you through what needs doing.

Sometimes for quick jobs such as punctures we’re normally happy to do it while you wait but if it’s a bigger job or the workshop is busy we might ask you to leave it with us. If you want to make sure call us before you come.

We always try and get bikes fixed the same day, but sometimes if we need to order in parts it’ll take us a bit longer. We’ll always let you know how long we expect it to take when you drop your bike off. If you need your bike for work and it’ll take a couple of days, we might be able to offer you a courtesy bike.