our ethos

We hate waste and we really hate to see bikes go to waste that why since 2007 we have been committed to keeping as many bikes on on the road and out of landfill as possible. 

Why Cycle

One World

Think of a world with less congestion, less air and noise pollution and less crowding on public transport. Official government statistics cite air pollution as the biggest environmental threat to health in the UK. Getting out of the car and cycling contributes to cleaner and healthier air. By cycling, you are helping to reduce harmful and deadly emissions, effectively saving lives and making the world a better place to live.

One Life

Be happier, healthier, get in touch with your local community and enjoy the great outdoors. Cycling is an exercise regime that fits easily into daily routines; is a low impact way to get active and, when done regularly, can be a great way to lose weight, tone muscles and build stamina. The physical benefits of cycling as a regular physical activity are linked to over 45% lower risk of developing cancer or heart disease. The mental health benefits cannot be overlooked. Mind, the mental health charity promote getting out on a bike as a way to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, promote calmer thinking and combat depression

One Bike

Did you know that over 90% of a bike can be recycled yet many will still end up in landfill. With regular servicing and proper care, one good bike can last a lifetime. With our local mechanics recycling and repairing a used bike ready for it's new owner, the value of resources and the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process are recognised. By choosing a used item, you choose not to further drain finite resources and not to support further manufacturing and transport pollution.